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New Hope Community Church


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An outreach ministry of the New Hope Community Church


HELP with marital concerns, schoolwork, family issues, substance abuse, and grief/loss concerns. Help for the hungry, homeless, hopeless, and helpless can be found here.

OPPORTUNITIES to learn new skills and understand and establish good relationships.

PEACE to your mind, heart, and soul.

EMPOWER you to go after your dreams and find the resources you need to live your best life now. You can become economically empowered and independently secure. You can have a happy stable family life, rewarding work, and peace of mind.

Yes, You Can!

New Hope Community Church


First, choosing the one with whom you will spend the rest of your life in the sacred covenant of marriage is incredibly significant. Now that you have chosen to commit yourselves to one another, we encourage you to align your engagement, your marriage, and your home with sound standards.

Second, perhaps you are married but the honeymoon has ended, and you find it difficult to maintain the joy you once had together. Maybe you need some tools to help you build or rebuild a solid, committed marriage.

This program is for couples before and after they get married. It is designed to help the couple understand the concept of the oneness of two individuals, created not by individual choice but by divine institution. A number of topics are covered in counseling including: the mystery of marriage—the two shall become one; covenant thinking; finances; sex; we just said “I do,” now what do we do we…

We are committed to helping you make your marriage work. Call today and set up an appointment. There is hope.


Have you ever vowed to absolutely never forgive someone? Some claim that forgiving is a one-time decision rather than a process. Saying “I forgive you” is all that matters. Although language can symbolize forgiveness, it cannot be a substitute for sincere forgiveness.

Forgiveness therapy is designed to help you understand the mental and spiritual process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation, and/or anger toward another person for a real or perceived offense. Stop holding on to old hurts, forgive, let go, and you will be made free.

New Hope Community Church
New Hope Community Church


The grief that follows a major loss is one of the most misunderstood of all human experiences. This group is for people who have experienced the emotional pain of loss such as death, divorce, sickness, unemployment, and many more that are not typically recognized when considering loss.

If you need support and understanding—even if you are a significant other of someone who has experienced loss—this is the place for you. Join with us and together we can understand and heal.


With so many young men attracted to gangs, dropping out of school, fathering children at early ages, and missing a father figure in their lives, it is critical that we step in and play a role in helping them avoid harmful situations.

Boys to Men is a mentoring program designed to intervene in the lives of boys before the streets capture them. By building up their self-esteem, impressing upon them the importance of integrity and being self-aware, we hope to help young boys develop into responsible men with promising futures.

They will be mentored by men of integrity who have risen above their circumstances and are willing to invest in the lives of our young people. We highly encourage you to get your boys into this program, for their future and our future.

New Hope Community Church
New Hope Community Church


In these hard economic times, many families are struggling to make ends meet. Our economic enrichment seminar teaches you how to live within your means and to move beyond just enough to more than enough. Classes on the following topics will be provided:

  • Money management
  • Investing wisely
  • How to get involved in a co-op and more…

Sign up today and build a good financial foundation.


The road to recovery starts with one step—recognizing that you need to make a change is the first step. We are here to take you through a process that will give you hope and lead you to wholeness. Our program is a safe place to share; a refuge, a place of belonging that cares for others and where others care for us. We are a place you can grow and become strong. This could be a turning point in your life.


Are you struggling with who you are? Are you caught up in pornography? Have you been sexually abused and mistreated? This program is devoted to sexual healing, wholeness, and to transforming the life of an individual.

Recovery and redemption are the twin themes of this hope. We welcome all who struggle with sexual brokenness, addiction, infidelity, or pornography. Our goal is to offer healing to the wounded and help to those who are seeking to discover what it means to be whole.

New Hope Community Church
New Hope Community Church


The number of teenage girls who get pregnant out of wedlock continues to rise. We are here to provide counseling and support to young mothers so that they will move beyond the statistics. We want to help you do what is best for you and your baby. There is hope for a better future.

Also young women: you do not have to become an unwed mother. We provide confidential counseling on ways to avoid pregnancy before you are married. Stop by and find out what we have to say.

The Hope Center is a non-profit development center that provides moral encouragement and various individual and group support services to the Greater Fitchburg community. Our counselors specialize in grief and loss counseling, forgiveness therapy, economic empowerment, mentoring, recovery, and more. We invite you to join us in the journey of hope and wholeness.

For more information, call us today at (978) 345-1829.