Prophets 101

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Instructor: Dr. Brenda A. Palmer

This course starts September 8th at 7:00 p.m. and meets every other Thursday at New Hope Community Church.

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Course Description

This course will help you understand the extent of the calling and receive adequate schooling and experience to successfully operate therein. It is designed to help those with the list of anointings below to be aware and fully equipped to function in the call.

There are a host of prophetic abilities that expand beyond prophecy. The school of the prophets is significant in that it gives expression to and facilitates multiple prophetic anointings that entail the prophetic ministry. The following list includes typical prophetic types among the school of prophet:

  • Seers – (2 Kings 17:13)
  • Dreamers- (Deuteronomy 13:1-5)
  • Interpreters – (Dan. 1:17; Daniel 5:12)
  • Intercessors – (Jeremiah 27:18; Ezekiel 13:4-5)
  • Scribed- Prophetic writers _ (Jer. 36:26-28)
  • Minstrels- prophetic musicians (2 Kings 3:15)
  • Psalmist- prophetic singers and songwriters (2 Sam. 23:1)
    These anointing are subunits of the prophetic and are very necessary to authentic and holistic prophetic expression. The book for the course is Prophets 101 by  Jonathan Ferguson.

Suggested Reading List

  • Basic Training For Prophetic Ministry by Kris Vallotton
  • The Doctrine Of Prophecy by Sherman D. Farmer
  • The Prophet’s Handbook by Paula Price
  • School of the Prophets by Kris Vallotton
  • Experiencing Good in the Supernatural by Johnathan Ferguson

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